'Occupational Therapy in your pocket' - run an OT Assess
iPhone Locomotion

Throw away the clipboards and paper forms!

Mobile computing using 'Smartphones' now provides the opportunity to extend the benefits of computing beyond the desktop into the workplace. Safety can be improved by using Smartphones and Tablets. These powerful compact computers can be operated anywhere.

'OT Assess' is the term used to describe Occupational Therapy International's assessments for Smartphones and Tablets. WorkSafe Check is an aid to the safety processes within the workplace. WorkSafe Check the practical judgment of the person using the software as to what is either 'safe', 'unsafe' or 'not applicable' within the workplace under assessment, supported by guidance notes in the OT Assess project. OT Assess programs are further supported by online 'OT Skills' programs, an example of which is the Office Workstation course.

A strength of the OT Assess approach is that users can readily modify the applications from Occupational Therapy International to meet their specific requirements. It is also easy to convert your paper and desktop PC based assessments to projects for use on Smartphones and Tablets.

Mobiuloe Data Studio
Projects for: Home Access, ADL Rehab, Aged Care Assessment, Injury Management, Driving Screen, Functional Assessment
Mobile Data Studio to design and run projects on Smartphones and Tablets
Mobile Data Studio has been developed by CreativityCorp in liaison with WorkSafe International to enable businesses to take full advantage of Smartphones and Tablets for safety. Used in over 50 countries, it's a practical and versatile application for mobile computing and safety, and low cost. The Mobile Data Studio system is simple:

  • Trial or Buy downloadable software via the Internet

  • Run on desktop to develop safety applications for Smartphones and Tablets. Applications or 'projects' are developed without the need for programming, follow Skills tutorial

  • Install projects/applications on Smartphones and Tablets, 

  • Collect information and manage projects using the Smartphones and Tablets

  • Send information (text and images) to Smartphones and Tablets wirelessly via mobile network or WiFi

  • Synchronize information from Smartphones and Tablets to desktop PC

  • View and export information/data for analysis using common tools (eg Microsoft Excel and HTML). Data can also be sent through ADO to database systems such as SQL Server, Microsoft Access and Oracle. XML data can be exported to many programs and Microsoft BizTalk Server.

Safety Induction

Design projects for your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, and other Smartphones and Tablets. It is easy!

Mobile Data Studio
Trial Mobile Data Studio and explore Creativity for Occupational Therapy

Mobile Data Studio is both an information collection and a publishing system, please enjoy a free Trial.

Mobile Data Studio
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